We are Competent:

We offer Services that are Proven to be Great and Useful By more than 50 companies! to the businesses today!

We are Diligent:

We Care about your business Yes, Your Business! and Only offer you the solutions that are Useful to your business.!

We are Flexible:

We offer services The Best Services! and work with Different People and organisations of Different Sizes.!

Outrival HR Solutions & Consultancies is one of the leading HR Consulting Firm in Kenya


What Else? We Have The Best Services Around

OHR is a firm that provides a wide variety of Human Resources Solutions The best Ever which are designed to improve Products, Communication, Efficiency and Employees morale. Our services Support Forum, Online Docs! can be provided onsite and offsite or both as it suits our clients’ needs.




More Ways Than Ever To Improve Your Hard Work!

 Outrival HR Solutions has  well qualified and experienced Consultants Recognized by many!  that works faithfully with our clients to achieve productivity and profitability as  “Your Success is our Commitment”. We care about your business!


Our Happy Clients